How is Smile Design Made?

Smile design is a procedure performed with techniques, whereby an individual’s smile is shaped as desired, such as zirconia crowning, bonding, whitening, gingival operations, bridges, teeth length adjustments and lip shaping. Gingiva of any person, whose smile design have been made, regains its normal appearance; the colors, cracks and fractures of the teeth are corrected; and the muscles are ensured to turn their normal conditions by correcting the closing positions of the teeth. Smile design is made by doctors who initially examine every detail such as the structure of the face as well as the skin color, teeth and lips. A successful work can be achieved by solving the oral health problems in a few sessions. In smile design, it is highly important to make sure that the gingiva is in accord. Allowing for these to be seen when smiling to a certain extent is the optimum situation.

Individuals can be enabled to have more aesthetic and healthy teeth, by ensuring that the two front teeth are longer in women, and that the teeth are homogeneously dispersed, which support the cheek in men. Thanks to computer-aided smile programs, you can conjecturally see how your smile will fit your face after the procedure, before performing any process. A smile design to be made rightly is determined based on the joint decision of the doctor and patient.

Which treatments are involved by smile design?

Teeth whitening
Pink aesthetic
Zirconium or porcelain crowning
Orthodontic treatments
Laminated porcelains
Shaping the lip contours

Which problems are eliminated by smile design?

Problems with tooth color
Gingival deformity
Disorder in the arrangement of the teeth
Irregular gaps between the teeth
Lost teeth
Facial shape deformations
Non-compliances in the tooth lengths
Broken or cracked tooth structures

How is the treatment process in smile design?

Smile design may spread over a long term or may be completed in a shorter term, depending on the process to be carried out by considering the choices of the individual. The first stage starts with giving information to the individual about his/her own mouth structure and health. Everything that the individual have been or have not been aware of until that day are evaluated and then information is provided accordingly. Serious problems, which will be caused by closing problems in the teeth or gingival problems, are discussed. These are dealt with, and a correct planning is made, with intent to prepare a treatment plan intended for both the desired appearance and healing. If problems in the person cover only the tooth and gingiva,  the results can be achieved within a few weeks. If an orthodontic treatment or operation is need, their completion may take more time than 6 months.